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2005 Audi A2 1.2 tdi, Dolphin Grey, RARE,Low Mileage,UK Converted

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  • 2005
  • Diesel
  • Auto
  • Dolphin Grey
  • Mileage 99,000
  • 1200

We have a very rare and unique opportunity to purchase one of the last 2005 Audi A2 1.2 tdi models in Dolphin Grey with the lovely “Twist” interior. The car has covered just 99,000 miles, very low for these! As you can probably understand, most of the examples that are available on the continent are used for long commutes and hence have covered well-over 200,000 miles. The car has been UK registered and the relevant modifications have been performed so that it is ready to drive away for UK use. This is the higher spec variant, which includes Climate Control with AC, power steering and remote central locking. The standard “3L” version did not get these features!   Beyond this, the car also has the optional Dolphin Grey paint and Twist interior, a double DIN dash with Symphony 2 sound system and 6 CD changer, leather controls pack and the false floor in the boot.

The car was imported from Germany by ourselves. It was doctor owned for 10 years and has full Audi service history with extensive paperwork to back this up.  It has been extremely well maintained and it can certainly be said that it has never gone without! We also have the full book pack and two remote keys. There are only a handful of the 1.2 A2 variants in the UK, and we believe these all to be privately imported. It is extremely rare for them to be offered for sale by VAG Specialists here in the UK.

We have given the car a comprehensive service preparatory to being offered for sale. This included calibrating the transmission, which should be done at every service interval on the 1.2, and also new rear brake shoes.   The car also has 12 months UK MOT with no advisories. It also has four excellent branded Bridgestone tyres, which were fitted last year by the previous owner, these have nearly-new tread levels. There is considerable service history with the car, all performed by Audi Germany: the front brakes have recently been renewed, the timing belt has been done and there was also a new clutch fitted in 2010.

We have pictured the car with the aero wheel covers off as we actually think showing off the lovely magnesium wheels suits the A2!  However, all of the wheel covers are present.  We are also including a spare magnesium wheel/tyre with the car something that none of them came with.  Due to the small nature of the 1.2 wheels, it fits perfectly underneath the false floor in the boot of the A2.

As well as hand picking, personally inspecting and importing this cherished example from the continent, we have performed various costly modifications to the vehicle to make it legal and suitable for UK use. This includes changing both front headlights to UK variants and adding a rear fog light on the o/s of the car. Subsequently the car has been MOT’d and we have assembled all of the documentation for it to be given a UK V5 and its 05 registration plates. As well as this, we have changed the instrument dials (very costly), so that they now all read in imperial – you get mpg on the built-in driver information system, miles on the clocks and the mph readings on the speedo. Although very costly, a very worthwhile mod for the UK.

The 1.2 tdi model is for sure a future classic, since it was never officially imported to the UK and at the time there was not seen to be a sufficient market for them here. It is an engineering master piece with a Cd of just 0.25! Still remarkable – and a reduced frontal area beyond this (slimmed wheel arches). It is known as the 3L car as it was the first to hit the industry node 3li of fuel per 100km (94.2mpg)!!! For all of its impressive economy it should be noted that it is no slouch – its light weight construction, superior aero dynamics and transmission gearing all make the car a joy to drive.  Being a regular driver of the 1.4 tdi I can say that its performance is not too dissimilar to that of the 1.2.  Officially it has a top speed of 104mph, but in the real world drivers have often reported that these models have a top speed actually faster than the 1.4 tdi, mainly due to the different gearing.  Along with free road tax, great reliability and excellent build quality you can see why they now make a lot of sense for the UK market. It is a born motorway cruiser, the high gear ratios make it eerily quiet when cruising at motorway speeds, and the automatic transmission makes easy work of it too.

The 1.2 has several features over and above the standard and already efficient A2 models:

  • Automatic shift manual transmission with tiptronic and eco mode (includes over-run freewheel feature). Ie. No wet clutches, torque converters etc, which result in the high parasitic losses of conventional automatics.
  •  “Eco” mode – when this button is pressed the car’s maximum power is limited to around 41bhp and the auto transmission is put in an eco-mode, involving engine speed limiting at gear change, resulting in the highest gear possible.
  •  Stop/Start feature!! One of the first production cars to feature stop start – when stationary at traffic lights etc, the engine will turn off and start again when you pull away.
  • Magnesium, light weight 14” wheels with skinny tyres.
  • Various aero dynamic modifications and weight saving options – reduced profile wheel arches, under body aero kit, larger rear spoiler & wheel covers, aluminium suspension castings and aluminium rear drums.

As previously mentioned, the specification of this 1.2 is particularly rare with it having the climate control, power steering & central locking as well as the double-DIN Symphony 2 fitted, along with the Twist interior, leather controls pack and the lovely Dolphin Grey. It is an excellent base to build a fully stealth-ed 1.2 – something that we can offer if the buyer would like. All upgrades including, RNS-E Navigation & OEM leather are available and in stock.

We feel this is a unique opportunity to purchase an extremely economical, collectable A2 1.2 tdi that is ready to go for UK use. We stock many A2’s at any one time so please get in contact if you would like more info on others we have available presently.

Viewings and test drives are possible 7 days a week, day or evening with prior arrangement.   We can also supply a full detailed walk around video and we offer nationwide delivery.

We are also able to offer specialist service packages for this vehicle.

We are VW Audi Specialists based in Staffordshire and are particularly fond of the A2. We run them ourselves and have retailed 25+ in the last 12 months; we carry several in stock at any one time. If you have any questions regarding this very special A2 we are happy to discuss. Please message us or phone 01538 807 708.

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