Today, it is a rare occurrence that a vehicle problem is, or even can, be diagnosed without the use of a computer.  Gone are the days where a Haynes repair manual was all that was needed to allow a little DIY mechanicing on your car.  And so the likelihood is that most vehicle owners are in the position that they have no option other than to rely on the main dealerships or a costly specialist repair centre for vehicle fault diagnosis and work.  Even a very basic service on a small city car can prove a challenge without a computer and manufacturer-specific diagnostics information, necessary to reset various service lights, service interval indicators and more.



Thanks to WOM Automotive’s substantial experience within the automotive industry and OE standard diagnostic equipment we are happy to offer an alternative to the above.  We currently specialise in VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) vehicles and are able to perform all (and more) diagnostic work that a main dealer would provide for a fraction of the cost.


Our VAG group equipment covers the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda (and even Bentley!) ranges, offering the following facilities:

  • Gain access to all systems fitted to cars for fault diagnosis – this includes Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Comfort, Instruments, HVAC, PDC and many other electronic control units.
  • Fault reading and definition including a full break down of possible symptoms, causes and solutions.
  • Safely enable retro-fitted enhancements, such as OE Bluetooth, Navigation and Cruise Control units.
  • The ability to customise features usually only accessible by the dealership such as auto lock, ‘Mirror dip’ on reverse and various other options.
  • Various diagnostic facilities such as data logging and graph print outs.
  • The supply of a SKC (secret key code) for your vehicles immobiliser chip in the key.  You will require this should you require a spare cutting.  Not only can having a spare key supplied through a dealership be expensive, but they will also never supply you with the all-important SKC, leaving you with no option but to pay again should you ever require another.  Please note, ID and Vehicle Registration Documents are required before this service can be supplied.
  • Various ECU software updates.

Should any mechanical work be required to fix your vehicle then we can do this.

For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  As well as experience, we have a great passion for the industry and so we are more than happy to talk and advise you.